All Your TOTP Codes
On Your Desktop

Sauropod helps you manage all your Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) tokens right from your desktop.

Why Sauropod?

Easy to use

Sauropod's features and clean interface allow you to easily use TOTP tokens.

Compatible with all your accounts

Sauropod is compatible with Google, Facebook, Twitter and many more.


You can find Sauropod's complete source code on GitHub.

Easily import accounts

  • Import your accounts from your existing authentication app.
  • Scan your display to import your account from a QR code.
  • Open optauth:// links to import new accounts.

Easily get the token you need

Sauropod will suggest you tokens that match your browser tabs. This way you won't have to scroll trough your whole account list just to find the right token.

Easy on your resources

Sauropod is optimized for best resource-usage: When it's idling, Sauropod is only consuming <1% CPU and 70MB of RAM

And the best thing...


  • Free
  • Forever
  • Unlimited accounts
  • No subscription

Download Sauropod